Do Young People “Bug” You?

Do young people “bug” you?  Perhaps there is something to it if they do.

Two weeks ago, the Waco campus of Methodist Children’s Home was invaded by caterpillars.  Ok, “invaded” may not be the best word, but that’s what it felt like, and looked like.

You could hardly take a step outside without smashing a couple (or more caterpillars).

At one point that week, I was walking along, kind of watching where I was going, kind of watching the caterpillars.

I saw one little caterpillar T-bone a bigger caterpillar.  He glanced off and turned sharply to the left, and went on his way.

I, of course, thought, “Whoa, little caterpillar, why didn’t you look where you were going?” Then I realized that when your eyes are less than one-tenth of an inch off the ground, you probably cannot see very far ahead of yourself.

Though the children and youth we serve aren’t caterpillars, many of them cannot see very far ahead of themselves either.  This is one of the things you and I are here for.

May you help the children and youth entrusted to your care to see a bit further ahead of them than they can on their own.  The future God has for them is bright – and many of them need our help to see and remember that.

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