Getting out of House

I am walking away from House.  I’m sure I’ll still hear every once in a while “Hey, you look like that House guy!”  But I’m not watching the show any more.

I have enjoyed it for I think 4 years now.  Dr. Greg House’s (Hugh Laurie) wit is impressive to me, and the show’s writing has impressed me from the start.

But a couple of seasons ago I began to realize that the show is built on distrust between characters. Over the past couple of years I have come to realize that my main criteria for television shows is the character development and relationships between characters.

All of the relationships on House are based on mistrust and digging into, around, and behind the stated motives.  No one trusts anyone else, everyone, it seems, has learned to assume that everyone else is lying to them.

Medical mystery (the ostensible story line of each episode) aside, most of what happens is people not trusting each other, and, usually, by the end of the episode, most have been proven unworthy of trust.

I don’t think watching House has had any huge affect on the way I treat people. It has not convinced me to believe one of the show’s recurring themes: “everybody lies.”  Rather, I have just decided I no longer want that kind of constant influence.

Goodbye Dr. House.  May you and your staff learn to become more trustworthy people and, by doing so, find ways to start trusting other people.

2 thoughts on “Getting out of House

  1. I feel that way about the reality shows. Big Brother is based upon the same theme. And those trashy shows on MTV. I guess it’s entertaining to watch young adults make fools of themselves in a schaudenfreude type way. Yet, although it’s “natural” to take pleasure in the pain of others, Jesus wasn’t on that page. It’s always better to be on Jesus’ page. He wouldn’t be tuning in the Real Housewives.

  2. Ah! You’re so right. Sadly, I have just gotten IN to House. Like. Last month. Started with Season 1, and loved it. Now you’ve got me rethinking this whole thing… Hmm.

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