United Methodist Help Needed

“Hi. I’m from the government and I’m here to help you.”

“Hi. I’m from the Conference Office, and I’m here to help you.”

I am curious which of these statements strikes deeper fear in the hearts of United Methodists.  While I would love to receive your answer to this question, this isn’t really the help I hope to receive from you.

The conference of which I am a clergy member, the Central Texas Conference, is in the midst of talk, research, and even task-forcing,  the possibility of restructuring our conference organization.

Many conferences have already restructured recently, usually cutting the number of districts and reorganizing to various degrees the conference staffing structure.  In most cases, this is all done with a view to save money.

In some cases I know of, however, whatever money has been saved has been put into other conference structures.  In other words, though money is saved, apportionments are not reduced.

In some cases, there are more cabinet-level (near the top of a conference’s pay scale) positions for clergy outside of local churches AFTER restructuring than there were before.

We in the CTC are having a special called session of Annual Conference in November to discuss and purportedly to approve a realignment.  More information on that process can be found here.

Here is what I would really like to know: in your conference, has restructuring or realignment saved money?  Has it reduced apportionments?

It will be really helpful for us to know about your experience as we move into this.  please share this request with other United Methodists, lay and clergy alike.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “United Methodist Help Needed

  1. […] The Conference of which I am a clergy member, the Central Texas Conference, is the midst of a realignment process.  We had a task force appointed in 2009 and their report was published October 1 (this month).  It is available here.  I’ve only posted about this once; here. […]

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