What Is Teaching?

In a discussion with a friend and colleague, I heard that a seminary professor had said, with reference to online teaching methods and software, “Do I need that to be able to teach?”

The easy answer is no, you don’t need that; you only need to know the content of what you are teaching.

Which reminds me of what was, at the time, a shocking discovery I made about midway through my undergraduate degree. Do you know how much education training is required to teach at a college or seminary?


So if all you care about is your subject, or discipline, then get your terminal degree and find a teaching job.

However, if your passion follows your subject or discipline of interest, and you desire others to know and enjoy and study that area as much as you do, then you might find it helpful to learn how to teach, too.  Not required; but strongly recommended.

Back to the “Do I need that to be able to teach?”

Yes; if your desire is to teach actual students, then it would indeed be very helpful to know something of who they are and something about the software/methodologies within which they are required to do school work.

Besides, who wants to be taught by someone who is finished learning?

2 thoughts on “What Is Teaching?

  1. One of the things I love to do is teach out of my ignorance – to pursue my own learning with a group of students. I’m not sure how tolerant our institutions of higher learning are of such practices.

  2. Makes me think that as preachers and teachers of the Word of God, perhaps it would behoove us to take some lessons on “how to teach”? Maybe this is part of the reason with all the information at our finger tips, Americans are religiously ignorant? The content is there but the teaching is not.

    This also makes me love Jesus and the prophets much more. They knew how to teach as though they were born to do it.

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