How does this matter?

Oddly, the day after an NPR story about whether or not there is still a need (or perhaps, a market) for schools of journalism anymore, I hear this on Morning Edition: Homer and Bart Simpson are Catholic.

The Vatican’s newspaper has proclaimed that Bart and Homer Simpson are Catholics. That’s because they pray before meals and believe in ‘the beyond.’ But Simpson producer Al Jean tellsEntertainment Weekly there’s no way Homer could give up meat on Fridays.

The story apparently comes from none other than the New York Times.

NPR and New York Times aside, the question that strikes me is: why did the Vatican’s official newspaper publish the claim in the first place?

Has Church membership and attendance tanked so much that we should be going after cartoon characters?

I have to admit that Bart, who has been in third grade for 21+ years now, is likely beyond the standard demographic for most mainline denominations in the U.S., and thus would qualify as part of the mission field.

Has the Vatican given in to the quest for relevance that has drawn so many already?


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