Name Recognition

Sitting and visiting with some of our students last night, David Crowder’s name came up.  One of them suggested first that he is a very well known Christian musician (which he is), then that he may be the best-known person in Waco.

I started to agree, but then thought of another Wacoan.  This Wacoan hasn’t been here very long,  but I still think he has broader name recognition than Crowder.

I think, and suggested that Ken Starr, President of Baylor University is more famous, or has broader name recognition than David Crowder.

The response I got from these otherwise fairly well-informed youth was : “who?”

What do you think?  Which of these two Wacoans had the greater name recognition?

Or is there another current Wacoan who surpasses them both?

10 thoughts on “Name Recognition

  1. Here’s my sliver of experience: Last year I was in a wedding party with David Crowder. It was in central Arkansas, where his cousin, the bride, lives. Not yet knowing that it really was him, I said to two Gen-X church-going friends, one Catholic and one mainline Protestant, “Wow, that guy looks a lot like David Crowder.” I then had to explain to those women who David Crowder is. Had Kenneth Starr been in the wedding party, I don’t think I would’ve had to explain to them who Kenneth Starr is (but then, I don’t think I would’ve said to anyone, “Hey, that guy looks a lot like Ken Starr,” either).

      • GenXers should know who Kenneth Starr is, if they were paying attention during their 20s. They are indeed the generation following the Boomers, and were initially called “Baby Busters” until the publication of Douglas Coupland’s novel “Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture”.

        I will say, as a GenXer who was raised Catholic in the Northeast, that I have no clue who David Crowder is.

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