Try Jesus, Take Two

I have re-thought my post about the “Try Jesus” bumper sticker. Thanks mostly to my brother Richard’s comment, I would like to submit that I am not opposed to people “trying Jesus;” perhaps even taking Jesus for a test drive.

What I insist, however, is that trying Jesus is not done by saying a prayer to forgive one’s sins and ask Jesus into one’s heart.  I have worked closely with so many people who have done this version of “trying Jesus” not to warn that this doesn’t count.

Jesus is not a religious version of a magic pill.  Neither is a prayer to Him, not matter what formula the words take on.

Please, by all means, try Jesus.  Read about Him in any or all of the gospels, and try Jesus.

One thought on “Try Jesus, Take Two

  1. Of course there’s also the problem that Jesus isn’t a thing like a car that can be test driven. We might think of a relationship with Jesus, or trusting Jesus, or obeying Jesus, or apprenticing to Jesus as something that can be test driven.

    Sticking with the analogy, but changing the subject, I’ve always cringed when I hear men talk about the need to “test drive a woman” before marrying her, offered as a reason to cohabit before marriage.

    I just can’t make up my mind, can I?

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