Your Brain Is Amazing!

Among the books I am currently reading is Steven Johnson’s Where Good Ideas Come From.

In the chapter on “Liquid Networks,” which I read yesterday, Johnson describes the typical human brain.  A human brain, he writes, has 100 billion neurons, each of which connects to (on average) about 1,000 other neurons.   Further, Johnson points out that this

means that the adult human brain contains 100 trillion distinct neuronal connections, making it the largest and most complex network on earth. (By comparison, there are somewhere on the order of 40 billion pages on the Web. If you assume an average of ten links per page, that means you and I are walking around with a high-density network in our skulls that is orders of magnitude larger than the entirety of the World Wide Web.) (location 531, Kindle edition)

Your brain has more connections than the entirety of the internet!

I am rather impressed with our creator – God, thank you for a brain that is more complex, a larger network of connections than the World Wide Web!

May you make use of many of these connections today!

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