Is Together the New Alone?

Once upon a time I would sit by passively as other adults decried “youth these days.”  I can do so no longer.

One of the things we geezers seem most unsettled by is seeing a couple (we assume they are a couple) sitting together who both have their mobile phones out.

Seriously; people go from 0 to full-deride faster than Road Runner escaped Coyote!  You’ve heard it, too. Perhaps you too have lamented. “Can you believe, people sitting there next to each other, ignoring each other, to talk to, or text to, someone else!”

I wonder, and nowadays I ask, how that is worse than this.
I mean, really! It didn’t take the invention of cell phone technology for a couple not to talk to each other.  I’ve seen that dynamic for years.

For that matter, I think we all have to admit that CELL PHONES ARE NOT THE PROBLEM!

This is not to say that the ubiquity of cell phones is not a challenge to us.  We must all learn to deal with cell phones and other technology in the context of being people in relationship with one another.

I would dare say that cell phones have never caused a relationship issue.  They have, perhaps, brought an issue to the surface more quickly than otherwise.  They have definitely helped make our relationship issues more public and, likely, harder to hide.  In them there is, then, the seeds of healing as well.

May you use your cell phone(s) wisely and with care; especially (if for no other reason than) to model appropriate relationship behavior for others.

2 thoughts on “Is Together the New Alone?

  1. I think you have hit this nail squarely.

    Oddly enough, I know a couple that will often spend quite a bit of time doing things on their laptops, and while sitting in the same room and never saying a word, in the midst of it all are chatting back and forth on IM.

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