“Digit-al” Exercise

I exercised a couple of digits the other day like I haven’t done in years.  I mean the digits (fingers) that I use to hold a pen. Along with a Sunday School class last weekend, I wrote a couple of letters to american soldiers.

About one paragraph into my first letter I began to realize just how little writing I do anymore.  Usually if I do set pen to paper I print, but here I was very intentional to write cursive.

Not only did I feel like I was using my fingers in ways they’ve grown unaccustomed to, as I wrote I felt my brain was working in ways it hadn’t in quite some time.  I remember reading years ago about the different ways the human brain works when writing as compared to printing.  I suppose now, we would have to add, as compared to typing.

It was such a moving experience for me that I am considering taking on the practice for the new year – (hand)writing a letter a day.

3 thoughts on ““Digit-al” Exercise

  1. A letter a day, assuming you’re using the English alphabet, will just about take you through a whole month before you have to start over again – or switch alphabets.

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