Golden Rule in Action

I was in the gym yesterday, cooling off from a run on the treadmill, when a coach walked in.  He and I chatted for a few minutes.  We talked mostly about fitness and exercise – but, then, I was still catching my breath, and I’m always open to insight and advice from professionals.

As we parted, it dawned on me that this is how I regularly treat coaches; talking about something in their line of work.

Then, it dawned on me how much I don’t like it when all people want to talk to me about is my work.

Let me clarify; I am almost always up for talking about ministry or theology or many other things involved with religious life.  What I’m least up for is hearing someone approach me to tell me how they are doing spiritually, as if they are seeking advice or insight, or as if they are trying to impress me.

So I treated this coach in a way that I myself do not look forward to being treated.

I will make it a point to be more considerate next time.

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