Social Psychology, Lucifer Effect, and IT

Is there a way to save the sharing of and hunger for information from consumerism and sensationalism?

While “If it bleeds it leads” sells ads, is the story including blood always the most significant or important story?

I have been reading The Lucifer Effect, as I posted last week. In the book, author Philip Zimbardo points out that one of the real dangers of situational evil is dehumanization.

What could be more dehumanizing than for a whole realm of knowledge, technology, and business to be classified under the heading of “IT”?

Yeah, I know “IT” stands for Information Technology, not the impersonal neutral third person pronoun.  However, the letters are also the third person neutral pronoun in English.

This does not mean that the machines are taking over. Alas, there is currently no need for Keanu Reeves to save us.

Perhaps it could serve as a reminder, however, that we must be mindful that all news stories are about people and affect people – real, live people with dreams, hopes, hurts, failures, brokenness, etc., much like yours and mine.

One thought on “Social Psychology, Lucifer Effect, and IT

  1. Language can be ambiguous. Society remains at the core a culture of Social Darwinism (capital and matter rule). I wish, emotionally and spiritually in my words to convey wisdom, but because in communication our own past experiences serve as a filter to what is read; what I write and what all others read might be ambiguous enough to be lost in translation. Our extended family is a well design sustainable local community with rituals of human development and action research focus on constant improvement, to me, Christ’s wish for us. Heaven is here and now among us and we destroy it. Thank you for your words online. Best wishes to you and your love ones and may it be so.

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