I can’t believe they start them this early.

We received a note from Eliza’s school last week about how we would be doing valentines.  This is the 2-9 month class.

And they are exchanging valentines.

Eliza doesn’t know a valentine from an index card.

Welcome to american consumerism, dear daughter.

5 thoughts on “Indoctrination

  1. I know I’ve only been reading your blog for a few weeks now but I’ve gotta say that I have really been enjoying it!

  2. Gammie knows she’ll be the cutest Valentine of all! But really? First fund raising at 3 mos — did they bob for apples at Halloween?

  3. LOL — I suggest giving out jars of Gerber applesauce tied with pink and red ribbons. But really — especially in early childhood, most of the things we do for the kids are really for us anyway. Sit them on Santa Claus’s lap? For us, and for the cute pictures of them screaming their heads off. Easter egg hunt? So we can dress them up in sailor suits and frilly dresses and show them off! Halloween carnival? Nobody besides a baby looks cute as a pea pod or a pumpkin.

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