The Better Part of Love

Ah, Valentine’s Day.  The day designed to remind us all of love and the distance we are from its ideal.

Rachel and I were talking about love and marriage last night.  The marriage of some friends of ours is apparently on the rocks.  This grieves me.  Knowing now how good a relationship can be, I want everyone to experience the same.

How does love work? Many want a list of behaviors or separation of duties. My observation of marriages over the years doesn’t allow this. Happy, long lived marriages vary widely in their specific practices, habits, and behaviors.

Here is what Rachel suggested (and I agreed) is the difference maker: gratitude.

Healthiest love is love that recognizes deep gratitude for the object of that love.

5 thoughts on “The Better Part of Love

  1. Such a wonderful observation from your beloved. I can speak from a personal front that, even in a marriage that is struggling, an attitude of gratitude, can be the source of great healing. Just as I find that my response to Christ’s grace and love is the desire to be more Christ like, I find that practicing gratitude in my marriage elicits that response between my husband and myself. Furthermore, gratitude between partners is one of the greatest gifts you can provide to your children.

  2. Taking this idea to the human/God relationship, not only are humans grateful (sometimes) to God, but God would also have the gratitude toward humans. It may be difficult for us sometimes to consider this idea – God is grateful for humanity.

  3. Something that we use — but which isn’t always easy — “I AM SORRY”and. “I FORGIVE YOU”. Rev. Adam reminded us of this on his facebook! And just as we receive love and grace from our loving God — so we are called to practice this in our lives and relationships! Wishing all “Love that lasts a lifetime”

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