I should not try and multitask!

As I got out of bed this morning, I wondered why my neck was so sore.

It took me at least 20 minutes to figure it out.  I ran into a tree last night.

It wasn’t a big tree, but a tree does not have to be very big to be solid.  Tis tree felt pretty dang solid as I hit it with my head.

I was texting while walking.  Apparently this is too complex a set of tasks for me to be doing at the same time..

Can you do more than one thing at a time and do either one well?

One thought on “I should not try and multitask!

  1. Texting is one thing … no, I can’t text and do anything else well. (I must say though that I’ve walked into trees, poles, walls, mirrors, you name it, without such a good excuse). But with regards to the more crucial aspects of life, I don’t see that we have much of a choice. Actually, I think that we women have you men beat hands-down on our ability to multi-task. I’m not sure why … if it’s socialization or the ways our brains work … although my money is on the latter.

    Unfortunately, I have found that my many years of multi-tasking (four kids spread over twelve years; running a household almost single-handedly due to a spouse with a time-consuming career; going back to school) has produced something akin to adult ADHD. I can only pay attention when I am sufficiently busy. When sitting in a day-long seminar, at the very least I must doodle, and preferably I can have my laptop and internet up and running. I take copious notes that I don’t even care about, and add clip art to illustrate them. It’s frustrating and not-very-Zen of me.

    So, I may not be able to do things well at once, but weirdly enough, I do them better together than singlely.

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