If this makes me needy, so be it…

“Oh, Pastor Steve, you don’t need to be in Weightwatchers,” several of the kids here have told me.

I have been answering that I appreciate their observation, but it has been with the help of Weightwatchers that I have lost almost 45 pounds since last May.

Which has convinced me that I DO need to be in Weightwatchers.  Not that I DID need to be; that I DO.

You see, 4 times in the last 9 years I have lost between 15 and 45 pounds to get back to the weight I am at now.  Following each of the first 3 times, I had gained the weight back within a year or so.

I may not need Weightwatchers to lose the weight; 2 of the 4 times I sloughed pounds on my own.  The thing I need Weightwatchers for is the accountability that can help me keep it off.

The motivation for losing weight this time was clear and simple: I will be 64 when Eliza graduates from high school (unless Texas eliminates 12th grade to save money, but that’s another post), and I want to be as healthy a 64 year old as I can.  This means I don’t get to carry around all those extra pounds now.

I admit it: I need help.  This makes me human.  I think this makes me Wesleyan, too.  The genius of Wesley’s Christianity is accountability.  Like Bono sings: “Sometimes you can’t make it on your own.”

On keeping my weight under control, I cannot make it on my own.

For which things do you need the accountability of a community?  Have you found the community that will hold you accountable?

2 thoughts on “If this makes me needy, so be it…

  1. We started WW this week too, for the same reason. It’s not like we don’t already know what we should be eating or doing! We just need the accountability. I must also say that paying the fee is crucial too … When you make even a small financial sacrifice, your commitment goes up.

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