Lenten Disciplines 2011

I subscribe to what I remember as Richard Foster’s definition of discipline in his beloved The Celebration of Discipline, which is “the ability to do what should be done when it should be done.

Rachel and I have had some really good conversations about our Lenten Disciplines for this year.  Here is what I have come up with so far:

  1. I will drink no more than 1 diet coke per day.
  2. When alone (driving or exercising) I will choose silence over radio or ipod
  3. I will read through the Prophets
  4. As much as possible, I will avoid using plastic or styrofoam (except plastic that is washable and reused) – I may keep a count; if I do, I will likely report here.

I am also going to look into volunteering to read weekly with a kid or group of kids at a local elementary school.

What are you doing for Lent?  Giving something up?  Taking something on?  Do you expect your Lenten Practices to carry over into your life after Lent is past?

3 thoughts on “Lenten Disciplines 2011

  1. Hey, it’s me. Your sontern.

    My wife Bethany had the great idea of being others-centric during Lent. Every day we are going to write an encouraging note, e-mail, or give a phone call to someone on our mind.

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