Follow up on Power in the UMC

As the Chad Holtz story continued to come out over the weekend, I quickly began to re-think my previous post.  Was I too harsh?  Did I post out of turn?  Had I done what so many have done in the blogosphere, posted without having thought things through deeply enough?

This piece, courtesy of the UMNS (United Methodist News Service) tells a fuller story.  Having read this by Heather Hahn, my question now seems moot.  I launched on a fragment of the story.

The church did not dismiss Holtz as the Yahoo! article alleged.  His leaving the pastorate there appears now to have been a mutual thing between him and the congregation, and based on previous discussions and agreements.

How Bishop Gwinn, DS Southern, and the North Carolina Conference handle(d) the matter is dictated by the Book of Discipline and good judgement.

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