Where have you put Jesus?

Here’s a picture of Jesus.  He’s in my office.  I keep him on a shelf.

We joke sometimes that “Jesus is looking down on you” if you stand in the right place in the office.

We, of course, all know that we are joking.  Jesus doesn’t actually stay on a shelf.  Or look down on us.


As much as this may all be worth a chuckle, the reality is that many of us do, in fact, think of Jesus as someone that we leave somewhere.  We meet Him at Church, or in a particularly beautiful sunset, or an idealized moment; the point being that we identify some place or time or emotion with the presence of Jesus.

I think when we do this we sadden Jesus.

We (most of us Christians) say abstractly that God is everywhere and always available.  Yet we “leave Jesus” places.

Where might Jesus go with you today?  Will you be aware of his presence there?

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