Does this reasoning work?

This post is (partly) about abortion.  It is not about taking sides on the issue (which for some of you means I have already taken a side; so be it).

A letter to the Waco Trib today alleges that Planned Parenthood ought not receive support from the state for its role in family planning because of PP’s bias toward abortion.  Since they provide abortion, the writer’s reasoning goes, they are and would be encouraging clients to abort babies.

If this reasoning holds, does this also mean that surgeons are like eager to encourage clients/patients to have surgery even when less invasive procedures would do?

WalMarts in this part of the country sell beer and wine.  Does this mean they want/expect all of their customers to buy beer and wine? (or flat screen televisions or bananas, for that matter?)

6 thoughts on “Does this reasoning work?

  1. I think there’s plenty of evidence that Planned Parenthood does encourage abortion. Both currently and as a relic from some misguided historical eugenics program. Whether or not PP should receive state funds due to this bias is another question, which does not naturally flow from the premise.

    Does Walmart want everybody to buy its products? Well, duh. Of course they do.

    Are surgeons ever knife-happy? Well, sometimes, yes. Which is why the medical profession has oversight, standards of care, etc. as checks and balances.

    One might argue that those doing abortions at PP are also medical professionals. However, I would think that the abortions done there are 100% elective procedures — otherwise, they would be done at a regular hospital. Your analogy of the surgeon is rather ironic, considering for the majority of these abortions, there is a less invasive option … called childbirth.

  2. What about all the other services that PP provides? Services such as providing birth control, yearly check ups, and prenatal visits to woman who couldn’t afford it otherwise. Are these services worth the state’s money?

  3. My last posting seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. If it pops up again sometime, my apologies for double posting. However, prenatal care, birth control, and gyn exams are available widely through private practitioners that take Medicaid as well as federally-funded ob-gyn clinics.

  4. Apparently the simple fact that they offered abortions was enough to PP from receiving state or Federal funding during the bush presidency.

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