Hard Work

I have been single-parenting Eliza for the past (almost) 48 hours.  It is a lot of work. It’s a lot of work and energy and attention, and that’s with the comfort of being able to afford really good childcare and flexible hours so that I am able, rather easily, to take her and pick her up at my convenience.

Rachel is out of town at Board of Ordained Ministry meetings/interviews.  This is the first time she has been away from Eliza this long.  Since she’s a great mom my job for these couple of days has been smoother than I thought it might.

But when I stop and think of all the people who are raising kids on their own, and have to do it for mroe than 48 hours at a time, my heart goes out to them.

This is not a rant against divorce or having children outside of marriage.  This is a reflection on how raising kids deserves more than the focus of one adult.

Honestly, it deserves more than the focus of two adults.  Of two reasonably well paid educated adults.

But, in our hyper-individualist and super-materialist society, raising kids too often and too easily takes a back seat to whatever-else-interests-us-at-the-moment.

I’ll close with this quote from The Abundant Community, which I began reading last night:

There is no “youth problem.” There is a neighborhood problem: adults who have forgone their responsibility and capacity to join their neighbors in sharing the wealth of children. It is our greatest challenge and our most hopeful possibility.

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