Holy, holey, or wholey socks?

Sometimes it seems like every sock I own has a hole in it!

At least, that’s what I thought the other day as I was putting on socks to get ready for a run.  The hole that caused the thought chain reaction that has become this post was not very large and, in fact, does not affect the feel or the performance of the sock in any way.

Right after approximately 1.6 seconds of fretting about my sock, I realized that, indeed; all my socks have holes in them.

Otherwise, how would I get my feet inside them?

(Yes, my brain works that way.  Then it usually makes the theological jump as well)

So; socks are supposed to have holes in them.  It isn’t the first hole in a sock that bothers us, it is the second, then the third, etc., etc.

I thought about how so many of us beat ourselves down for all the things we get wrong.  I’m not talking about the full-on sins we commit; where we intentionally wrong God or another perosn.  I’m talking about the sulkiness most of us have from time to time about how we just don’t always get things right.  Even when we try.

“Nobody’s perfect,” we say.  (All together now….)

While no one is perfect, my socks got me to wondering what “perfect” might be.  If a “perfect” sock has a hole in it (because otherwise one couldn’t get one’s foot into it), wouldn’t even a “perfect” human not always get everything right?

In most people’s understanding, God gets everything right all the time.  Even if this is the case, would not making this (getting everything right all the time) our goal mean that our idea of a perfect human is actually God?

God is God, humans are humans.  To be a perfect human is still to be human.

My sock reminded me that I am – we are – to be wholey human.  That God calls us also to be holy directs us not toward trying to be like God, but learning to be most fully human.

4 thoughts on “Holy, holey, or wholey socks?

  1. I knew a fellow once whose phrase of disdain was, “I need that like a need a hole in my head.” I know I’d be in trouble if I didn’t have a hole in my head. Now I CAN say that I don’t need any additional holes in my head.

  2. Hmm … what happened to “when we see Him, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is”? But I get your point. Satan’s aim was “to be like the Most High” … and look where that aim got him (or it, to imitate M. Scott Peck).

    I’ll send you my dissertation measuring (among other things) perfectionism, if I ever finish it … I know you will be thrilled ;).

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