Super Pastor! ?

Earlier this month a friend told me some of the story of a pastor of a very large church.  “What most people don’t realize,” my friend said, “is that this guy’s marriage is in shambles and all his children are alienated from him.”

But he’s got a LOT of people coming to church.  The church he pastors is large and still growing.  He leads a huge staff of capable people.

The church, by any measure the United Methodist Church would use, is both “vital” and “effective.”

Several clergy friends of mine at lesser churches than this one work untold hours without a day off. At least one has had church folk “threaten” to make him take a day off.

Yet there is so much work to be done!

I am beginning to believe that the primary reason the story of creation is in the scriptures is to tell us that God, the creator of the universe, rests.  “Go thou and do likewise.”

Why do we refuse to take time? Do we really believe the Kingdom cannot carry on without us?  Do we really think God wants us to sacrifice our families and marriages for “church work”?

I lost a marriage while serving at a small church, so I’m not casting stones here – but something has got to change.  I wish we United Methodists could look to Wesley on this one, but I’m afraid his relationships were no model.

5 thoughts on “Super Pastor! ?

  1. Steve, I agree. I think it’s a combination of some pastors actually thinking it all depends on them, and for some, the emotional high they get from people in the church telling them how great and wonderful they are. Both of course unBiblical models.
    We might also add a dusting of they clergy who do not know how to empower/train laity and so they fell they must do everything themselves.

  2. The cult of leadership is rising in the UMC, pushing the valuation of leadership gifts higher and higher. Since many churches are either in decline – or struggling mightily to keep up – all the defects must be with the leadership, i.e., the pastor. When to this is added the message that ineffective pastors will be eliminated from the system and replaced with those who are effective, there is even more cause for stress.

    But then today’s Baby Blues comic strip was very much to the point (if we’d like to defer to reality). “There are duckies on your cape.”

    • I read “Baby Blues” every day I can. And “Zits.”

      I know that’s not a particularly intelligent response, but I really don’t have much to add to your comment. As usual, you say it better, more succinctly, and in a friendlier way than I manage to.

  3. When we have churches that are living out such unBiblical models (and I would say the UMC at least in the US is as well), why are we surprised that our clergy aren’t living out Biblical models either?

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