What does it feel like to be a target?

A friend sent me a few links yesterday about the “Christian Adoption Movement.” I haven’t taken the time to process all of that well enough to post yet, but thoughts are taking me in this direction:

What does it feel like to be a target?

When I see an advertisement that seems to be aimed right at me, I chuckle (if it is an otherwise good ad) at the creativity and cleverness of targeting me or the demographic of which I am a part.

When someone comes at me shaking a stick or a finger and calls me “you people…,” it doesn’t feel so good to be targeted.

When someone leers at me as though I am an object by which they might seek to fulfill some desire, I feel used and unclean.

When I get a call from an automated pollster allegedly interested in MY opinion, I feel lost in a sea of opinions and don’t care to shout loud enough for mine to be heard.

When I am in line somewhere and it is finally my turn and I can tell that to the employee I am merely the next one in line I feel distant from all humanity.

When I am approached with the intent to convert I feel completely uncared for except that if I give the right answers the other person seems happy with me until another fresh soul comes along.

How have you been targeted?  How did (or does) it feel?

How have you targeted others, and thus treated them as less than fully human?

In what ways have you learned to stop targeting others?

Thanks be to God that Jesus came to be with us, rather than to target us for some project!

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