What a difference a year can make!

Ok, so, I meant to write this yesterday.

I meant to write this yesterday because a year ago yesterday I had an appointment with my doctor.  I had had a gall bladder attack a couple weeks before, so this was the visit with my primary care physician to set up a visit with a  surgeon.

During the visit, the Dr. said something that really got my attention.  It had nothing, really, to do with my gall bladder.

“I’ll give you 3 months to bring your cholesterol down, then we’ll have to consider medication.”

That was all it took.  I was 9 days away from being the father of a newborn baby. I wasn’t about to go on cholesterol meds if I could help it.

Thankfully, I could help it.  If I had my dad’s genes, which I do, the only thing I needed to do, I knew, was lose weight.  I had been meaning to shed some pounds in anticipation of the baby, but it took the doctor’s words to get me to take it seriously.

Now, a year later, I’m down between 45 and 50 pounds from what I weighed that day. My cholesterol is very good. I’ve taken up running again, and enjoy sometimes pushing Eliza along on a run.

I haven’t done this on my own.  I appreciate Dr. Speckmiear’s guidance.  Of course, Rachel has been tremendously supportive.  I think have blogged already about WeightWatchers and its contribution to my success thus far.

What do I need to do in the next year?

What do you need to do in the next year?

2 thoughts on “What a difference a year can make!

  1. … I hear ya. Weight, cholesterol, and triglycerides are up. Well, actually I am down 5 lbs. since joining weight watchers about 3 months ago … Doug is down 16 lbs. I need to lose about 25 more unfortunately.

    Other goals? Finish the dissertation and secure a post-doc position. Get child #3 launched into post-high-school world. Get child #4 launched into high school.

    Survive. Thrive. Accomplish something fun (?)

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