Book Review – Revise Us Again

Sometimes my powers of observation are so acute it is scary. Then there’s those other times – one of which is this book, which I am reviewing for the SpeakEasy Blog Network. The book is Frank Viola‘s Revise Us Again, which, until this morning, I had read as “Revive Us Again.”

I suppose that’s part of the idea behind titling the book this way.

Revise Us Again is a quick, easy, yet compelling read.  Viola’s passion for Jesus is clear, and his desire is to draw others to Jesus, not to Frank Viola.

Have you ever had someone tell you that “God told them to” tell you something?  Ever had someone suggest, “Let me pray about that…,” then never get back to you?

These are two of the revisions Viola invites, encourages, even implores us to make.

Revise Us Again follows well on the footsteps of The Jesus Manifesto, which Viola co-wrote with Len Sweet.  It is about Jesus; not all the other stuff we have made it about.  The good news is that Viola realizes that it isn’t just about your version of Jesus or my version of Jesus or even Harold Camping’s version of Jesus.

Which Jesus, then?  Read this book and be part of the conversation!

One thought on “Book Review – Revise Us Again

  1. It’s interesting that you bring up the phrase “God told me to tell you …” Although basically I think I hold to an evangelical interpretation of the Christian faith, there are certain cliches and assumptions that are common in this circle that I just have become uncomfortable with. That phrase is one of them. I am OK with telling someone, “I just feel like I should tell you this …” and let them decide whether it is from God or not.

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