Votin’ time is almost upon us.

I have not been blogging much lately. This is due partly to workload and partly to some malaise about blogging.

But now that election season is here, I feel I must get around to writing one of the things I have been pondering for some time now.

United Methodist Annual Conferences have begun, and this is a year we elect delegates to General and Jurisdictional Conferences.

The electoral process has been interesting to watch over the past 20+ years for me.  We have come a long way – it used to be the understood procedure that clergy not campaign or even really admit they would be interested in being elected.  Of course there were always a few here or there from whom every voting clergy would receive a Christmas card the December before elections.

Now one can actually claim to be interested in being elected.

Once upon a time I was interested in someday serving the UMC in this way.  These days, not so much.

This change is due to a variety of factors:

  1. I’ve got a toddler at home.
  2. General Conference seems to me to be run by policy wonks and parliamentary nuts; and I am neither of these.
  3. But mostly I believe that if we (The United Methodist Church – yes, the “The” is officially supposed to be capitalized, too) are to actually move towards the Kingdom within the next generation, people my age and older, especially white males, need to get out of the way.  We are too caught up in power or desirous of power to lead the denomination healthfully away from the bureaucratic malaise in which we are caught up.

In fact, I’m about ready to suggest that the major decisions regarding the future direction of The United Methodist Church ought to be made entirely by people who are NOT dependent on their retirement from the denomination.

2 thoughts on “Votin’ time is almost upon us.

  1. Steve,
    remind me again how many Methodists from the Philippines or Africa spoke at the big leadership summit they did a month or so ago? (yeah, that would be ZERO.)
    And as a white, yet young(er) male from the US, I would vote to change our pension back to IRA style rather than traditional pension that we currently have. This would move most risk back to individuals upon retirement, and not keep it on the denomination as a whole.
    As far as health insurance which seems to be one other big stressor financially, I don’t know what I would do. Seems that the legal issues and rules with that are far from settled and so I am just stumped about it.

    As far as general agencies go, reduce, reduce, reduce. I would also sell the UM Building on Capital Hill and give the money to the African pastor’s pension fund.

  2. Reading some of you blogs posts…. I feel your heart moves similar to mine.

    As an individual currently in the candidacy process for ordained elder…. The more I see of our leadership… how they handle things… how they do things…. I get more and more disenchanted with the whole thing and find myself asking daily why would I really want to be a part of that?

    We (UM Church) keep promoting the idea of “making disciples” yet I see so very very little of actually discipleship occurring!

    We help many people surely with various programs… but I see so very little sharing of the gospel taking place! What good is it if we give people food and clothing or mosquito nets and they then die without Christ because we were too busy handing out the next needed item to tell them of the message of the Gospel of Christ?

    I’m really feeling that I can better serve people locally in my home church by teaching and preaching as I have been doing than getting involved in what seems to be just one huge bureaucracy where most elders I’ve met and talked to seem to view the whole thing as a job and profession rather than a calling to serve!

    Anyone else find themselves feeling this way?

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