Report from Annual Conference Day 1

The first full day of Annual Conference was mostly delightful.  We were blessed to receive more than 3 hours of teaching by Adam Hamilton. We also elected Ethan Gregory, a 19 year old, to our General Conference delegation.  Ethan is currently a student at SMU and a summer intern at Arborlawn UMC.

Ethan’s election is significant because before yesterday the CTC had never elected anyone under 35 to represent us at General Conference.

I’ve not always been on the “elect younger people” bandwagon, but I am all there now. I used to be concerned that electing younger people would mean a disconnection with history and tradition and the wisdom that comes from years of experience.

As I age, though, and continue to work with younger people, I have come to realize that if we maintain and nurture relationships with younger people, they are not likely to shun us (older people), but rather will seek our input and wisdom.

It is, like all ministry, all about relationship.

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