Believe it or not, I thought of that!

Here is a clip of about 9 seconds of my time at CTCYM (Central Texas Conference Youth in Mission) last week.

Several (at least a dozen) asked if my videocamera was waterproof.  I assured them that it was. While I (should) appreciate everyone’s concern, what I actually thought each time another person asked was, “don’t you think I’d thought of this?”

Finally, after the ride down into the water, I swam toward a platform floating in the middle of the lake. Someone on the platform yelled to me, “I hope that is waterproof!”

I replied, “I’m 47 years old.  I thought of that ahead of time.”

I have found that to be one of the benefits of getting old(er).  I am more likely now than I once was to think of such things ahead of time. I am still impulsive.  I still blog without thinking sometimes.  I am, however, more aware that the consequences I bring upon myself are indeed my responsibility.

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