No Your Limits

HT Shane Raynor for this.


I’m with you, Shane; no begrudging Michelle Obama for the occasional 1,700 calorie, fat-filled meal.

The cause of American Obesity is not the now-and-then indulgence. It is, rather, the inability to keep such a meal “now and then.”

A few years ago now, I had a conversation with a friend that exemplifies this point.  He asked me if I liked those like powered-sugar covered donuts.  If I did, he suggested, he would buy a bag for us to have around the office.

I asked that he not make the purchase.  I explained that I do indeed like such donuts (if I have met  a donut I didn’t like, I don’t recall it). My problem was that if there were a bag of said donuts around the office, I might, depending on the day, have trouble having only one or two.

I could, and have, eaten an entire bag in one sitting.

Having worked for a year now to shed pounds and live more healthfully, and having become a lifetime member of WeightWatchers,  I am staying in touch with my abilities to indulge as well as my abilities to walk away.  Sometimes I walk away so that I might indulge a bit later.  Sometimes I walk away because I have already indulged.

The point, as Shane clearly states, is balance and moderation.

Learn it, live it.  Enjoy it.

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