A Tax Increase I Am Against

Since all money going into government coffers is construed these days as a tax, here is one I am definitely against. In case you didn’t follow the link, here it is in simple terms: Philly to fine pedestrians for texting while walking.

I have admitted this before, but I’ve had issues with texting while walking. I don’t think, though, that I ought to fear facing the possibility of getting ticketed for (perhaps) running into a tree or for (maybe) brushing shoulders with someone else who can’t look where he or she is going either.

I’m not all that sure I favor texting-while-driving being a ticketable offense.  On the other hand, hiding the fact that you are texting (or updating your status, or tweeting, or whatever) is much easier behind the door of a car than when one is simply walking.

This seems like an easy-out for city cops to balance budgets.

Get your walk on and text as you please.  Look up occasionally.

One thought on “A Tax Increase I Am Against

  1. A few things I see manifested here:
    1. We need cash! Let’s tax everything in sight!
    2. It is the job of government to take care of people, even if it means taking saving them from themselves.
    3. We can make laws against not just immoral actions but even stupid ones.

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