Guess what I am thinking of?

When my older daughter was little, she had an electronic toy that spoke to her.  There was a set of cards that, when placed in a slot on the toy, would set it to a specific set of questions and statements.

One of the things the toy said pretty regularly was “Guess what I am thinking of.” I can still here the electronic voice saying those words in my imagination.

With that electronic voice in the recesses of my mind, those words began to come up during my sermon and lesson preparation.  I began to recognize that “Guess what I am thinking of” is a game often played by teachers and preachers.

Too often we play this game without realizing it. For example, in teaching a lesson (or preaching a sermon) about the Bible on love, we might ask a question like “What does Paul say about love in 1 Corinthians?”

Though we ask such an open-ended question, we likely as not have in mind ONLY ONE THING that Paul says about love in 1 Corinthians.  Thus, after asking the question, we take answers, and whoever does not guess the one specific answer we are looking for, we say are wrong.

Several years ago (my older daughter is 22) I decided I would no longer play “Guess what I am thinking of” as a teacher or preacher.


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