Don’t cry for me… Belgium?

The other day I saw Henry Winkler hawking second mortgages (on television).  What a long ways he has come from playing The Fonz. Though he has played quite a variety of roles since jumping the shark on Happy Days, I still believe he may be second to William Shatner in having locked down a stereotype image.

So it should come as no surprise that Fonzie’s picture is used on this report of the “coolest nations,” determined in a recent poll at

The U.S. is still on top.  That is, we were chosen the coolest nation.  Aaaay!

But, can we have a moment of silence out of respect for Belgium, the least-cool nation?

What does it mean to be selected “coolest” nation?  At least this is an international poll, so it is not just Americans voting ourselves the coolest.

But, then, could we do that right now?  Our political “leaders” in both parties fight like toddlers. We live beyond our means and expect the rest of the world to do whatever it takes for us to continue to do so.

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