Technology: Trust but verify

According to the tracking app I use on my runs, my first mile this morning was run in 11:28.  This is not encouraging to me.  I try to keep my pace under 9:00 per mile.

My second mile, you will be happy to know, clocked at 5:39.

Before you get all incredibly impressed with my improvement and/or speed, consider this: the app mis-measured both miles.  I don’t know my exact pace for either, but together they average a bit over 8:30, which is very realistic for the way I ran this morning.

I can’t help but wonder what other tools, technology, the lives of others, we use to measure our lives by. Could some of the things we measure ourselves by be running as inaccurately as my GPS app was this morning?  Sure could.

Even if your answer is that you measure yourself against the Bible.  Who’s reading?

Sitting at lunch today with a table of at-risk teens, one of them offered that she didn’t pray as much as she should.  I asked if they would believe anyone who would say “I pray enough.”

Since I’m their pastor, she quickly replied, “I’d believe you if you said that.”

“I pray enough” is a claim I am quite sure I’ll never make.  In fact, I might say it is evidence that one should pray more if one would claim to pray enough.

What does one measure the appropriate amount of prayer by?

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