At least it is not a pain in my neck

For years I have carried stress in my neck and shoulders.  I do so no longer.

For two months now I have had a nagging, lingering issue with my right hamstring.  For most of July it seriously cut my running miles.  Ever since I have noticed that the pain comes and goes whether I log miles or not, so I have gone back to logging the miles.

Yesterday, fed up with the discomfort, I finally visited my doctor.  After an exam, he asked me, “why are you so tight?” (referring to my hamstring)

While I am relieved to now that my issue is (merely) one of my stress taking up residence in a particular muscle, I have a long road ahead of me to pain-free walking and running.  Dr. Speckmiear recommended 30 days of careful and patient stretching.

I have pondered this injury/discomfort quite a bit.  I must admit when I learned what my problem was, I was a little disappointed.  A strained muscle and stretching is not a particularly glamorous diagnosis.  As a good American, part of me wanted it to be something that a a pill every 4-6 hours for 3 days would “fix.”  But, no, I get a clear, simple diagnosis of something I have to work on to make better.  If it were not enough that I have to work on it, I also have to be patient and remained focused for 30 days.


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