Book Preview

I’ve recently received my latest book for review as part of the SpeakEasy Bloggers Network.

While I am only about halfway through with Speaking of Jesus, I want to encourage you to give it a read. Carl Medearis’s style is not only easy to follow, but easy to want to read the next page. And the next chapter.

Medearis’s premise is simple: instead of trying to win people or convert them to Christianity, we Christians ought to return to actually following Jesus and inviting others to join us.

Yes, this is another version of “people love Jesus but hate the church.” It will likely not be the last either; we have been hearing different versions of that for at least a decade and yet churches and denominations are still caught up with strategies, missions, and gimmicks all with the goal being to “win.”

What if the goal were to follow Jesus?

I like where Medearis is taking me.  I’ll share more when I’ve finished the book.

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