Yes, it’s politics – but isn’t everything?

President Obama presented his deficit-reduction plan yesterday. (Yes, that is three different links to three different stories.  Enjoy!)

The first report I heard of the plan said that it is “half revenue increases, half cuts in spending.”

Here’s my question:  If Obama were the radical leftist or socialist that many accuse him of being, wouldn’t he have started with a deficit reduction plan that included 100% revenue increases, rather than a balanced one?

By starting half-and-half, isn’t Obama, in actuality, claiming “centrist” ground, and almost guaranteeing that whatever solution is reached is right of center?

Now, apart from the politics of these particular issues, can we agree that where two opposing sides start a debate matters greatly?  The terms, the positions, the expectations that opponents carry into a discussion/disagreement/debate limit the possible outcomes, don’t they?

Now for my leap to relate this to the matter of following Jesus:

Like my friend Jason pointed out last week, when The United Methodist Church has meetings of already-churched people in settings just like the ones they acknowledge are not reaching people and receive inspiring messages about how radically different things must be, something is askew.

Where we start the conversation necessarily influences the possible outcomes of the conversation.

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