What do you believe is true about God?

We are working through a series this month on truth.  This past Sunday we focused on this question: “What do you believe is true about God?” I asked 20 or so of our young people and staff to answer the question ahead of time, and presented their answers in a video during worship.

The answers were generally what you would expect; what most of us would say. What do you believe is true about God?  That God is loving, kind, forgiving, that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, etc.

My response (in sermon form) was this: if we say we believe these things to be true about God, why do we live as though we don’t really want much to do with God?

I contend that though we (most of us) know the right answers about the character of God – that God is loving, forgiving, faithful, etc., many of us have not really accepted these things as true ion the depth of our being.

Deep down, I’m afraid, many of us still imagine God to be distant and angry. We live as though this is true about God: “God would just as soon strike me dead as welcome me into heaven.”

Would it surprise you to know that 9 times in the Old Testament God is acknowledged as “slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness”?  9 times – in the Old Testament!  That’s the part of the Bible that many people (some of you included) refer to with disdain, as though God used to be mean and angry, until Jesus came along.

Nope; God – the God we who follow Jesus – is slow to anger and abounding in love.

This is one thing that is true about God.  Rest in it today!

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