(Not) Dealing with Change.

Randall Lee Church couldn’t take life “in the free,” so he set fire to a house to get put back in prison.

He had been released from prison 96 days before, having served 26 years inside.

Compare/contrast this with the woman who approached me last Sunday following worship. She felt the need to report to me that she found gum under a pew. “Maybe it’s my Christian upbringing,” she said “but this really bothers me.”

I am deeply concerned that the thing this woman brought into adulthood from her “Christian upbringing” was a prohibition against chewing gum in church.

I don’t recall Jesus addressing chewing gum. Yet, with all the issues there are/we have working with at risk adolescents, this is her issue.

I don’t know where she’s spent the last 26 years, but perhaps she would like to go back there.

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