-Focus, simplify

Eliza was sick (and thus at home) one day last week. Rachel and I split the day off to take care of her. We have a swing out back that she has loved since the day we brought her home.  Probably because I feel I am not very good at spending a long time at home with her, she and I went out to the swing a couple of times in the afternoon.

One of the times we were out there together, my mind was running with a list of things I could also be accomplishing. Some of these things could have been done without detracting too much from taking care of her.

You might think I had been thinking of Mary and Martha (Luke 10) to convince myself that “one thing is important” right now. I don’t recall thinking of Mary or Martha. I did think of Jesus, though.

I don’t mean I thought of Jesus in some spiritual way, or in some guilt-invoking way. I thought of Jesus and, thus, how simple and focused his life and direction always seemed to be.

I soon realized that even spinning thoughts about all the other things I could (or should) be doing was detracting from the one valuable thing: spending time with Eliza. I determined to stop the spinning and focus.

Some call this mindfulness. It is beyond the cult of physical presence. Mindfulness is being entirely present with another. They deserve it. We all yearn for it. Let’s focus on giving it.

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