Location, Location, Location

Some like people watching. I like people listening.

The other day I sat with some people having a discussion about how churches help people in need. Besides the various outreach efforts, someone shared that her church had “the regulars,” a set of people who show up predictably.



On the same topic, another person shared, “oh, well, you know, our church is in this really bad location. We are less than a block from the homeless shelter.”

Having had similar thoughts in the past, I was suddenly struck by the thought that “wouldn’t Jesus probably have wanted to have a facility and resources that close to the need?”

Let’s face it: today in America we want churches where they are convenient to attend without being bothered by the elements of society we’d rather not deal with. The problem with this is Jesus himself, the one we claim to follow, was with them; with those we want to avoid.

Opining your church being in the wrong part of town is one of the things that grieves Jesus’ heart.

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