It IS a small world after all!


In case you didn’t read yesterday’s post, “The backstory,” my 16 month old, Eliza, needs hip surgery.

We are in Kansas City, having come for Leadership institute at The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection. Rachel went home Sunday, while I stayed over for an event I am helping host this week. Eliza stayed here, too, to spend some additional time with her grandparents, who happen to be members of the Church of the Resurrection (hereafter “Res”)

After delivering Rachel to the airport Sunday morning, her father, Eliza and I got to church about 20 minutes late. We slipped into the back and sat down. I very quickly decided, though, that Eliza would probably rather go to childcare, having already been in a carseat for more than an hour.

At a church this large, one doesn’t waltz in and out of childcare, so I stopped at the desk to gain access. After a brief conversation, E and I were welcomed back. Just before going through the door, I looked back into the narthex to see a church member pushing a wheelchair-bound young man around the open space.

The church member just happened to be a dear friend of mine from college. (I graduated college n 1984) Amazed, but knowing I needed to follow through with Eliza, I said I’d catch up with him in a few minutes.

I checked E into the proper room, then headed back out to find my friend Kevin.

It turns out he has been a member at Res for quite some time. It also turns out that he is a pediatric orthopedist.

We walked and talked through the rest of the service. Kevin participates in Res’s Matthew’s ministry.  We caught up quite a bit, and I received quite a bit of insight into Eliza’s situation and needs.

Thank you, Kevin. Thank you, God, for the coinciding path to meet Kevin again!

3 thoughts on “It IS a small world after all!

  1. What a beautiful reflection of God’s providence in your lives! Your precious Eliza and her family will be in my prayers today and in the months ahead. May our Heavenly Father’s care continue to be evident to you Steve.

  2. OK, I’m embarrassed that I can’t remember the name, but is the Church of the Resurrection the one whose pastor kinda looks like Clark Kent and has done several video series for Sunday School literature? I know this question is kind of vague, but maybe you know what I’m talking about. We are now into our second Sunday School series by this guy, if he’s the person I’m thinking of.

    This is kind of like the person that called into the southern gospel radio station and requested, “That song about Jesus by those four guys.”

    Here’s wishing you and Eliza a great week!

  3. I answered my own question this Sunday — the pastor is Adam Hamilton and yes, he is the pastor of the Church of the Resurrection. I still think he kinda looks like Clark Kent though. 🙂

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