It has been a long time – almost two weeks – since I last posted.  Travel, meetings, sickness, sick baby, etc.; lots of reasons.  it feels odd now to get back to it, though I feel I have a need to try to get back in the habit.

This is the kind of post I don’t really like – an “all about me” blog post.  I suppose the irony is that there is something in the nature of blogging itself that is “all about me.” This blog and its predecessors have been an interesting evolution for me, and perhaps we  are (I am) now at another crossroads.

I am approaching my 1000th post to this blog, but when I started it was at my brother‘s invitation. Back then, I could barely crank out a post every other week, and that only with Richard’s encouragement. Last year I committed to posting 3-4 times a week, minimum.  It was, then, a daily practice for me to post.

This year I have been much less prolific in my postings.  This is partly because I’ve got a small child and she fills a lot more time than not having a small child did.  It is also partly because I felt I had turned into a drone and I do not want to just be a drone.

The last thing I want in a face to face conversation is to fall into talking just to be heard.  I have the same concern here.

One thought on “Self-Referential

  1. Fron one nonConstantinian to another, congratulations on your perseverence! I’ve only been blogging for a year, and just hit my 75th blog.

    Talking just to be heard is pretty normal. The first coo’s and ga’ga’s are just to be heard. As Christians, our cries and giggles have a similar but different intent–to be edifying, encouraging, and thought-provoking.

    BTW, been following you on Networked Blogs for about a month.

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