Can’t we trust them?

Texas is sending our young people mixed messages.

Today’s Waco Trib (sorry; subscribers only on the website) carried two interestingly contradictory pieces.  On page one we are told how Rick Perry has made Texas so jobs-and-industry-friendly: reducing regulation.

Yet, on the front page of teh Sports section, we find a daring increase in the regulatory state: the UIL is going to limit the number of two-a-day practices allowed high school football programs. Jim Vertuno of the Associated Press suggests that these new rules would “would give the state some of the strongest guidelines in the country to protect athletes from heat-related injuries.”

Do we need these additional regulations?  Can we not trust coaches to have the best interest of their players in mind?

Apparently not.  Coaches worry about competition, and, the article continues, fear that rival teams would still be holding more practices if such regulations were not put in place.

If we don’t think we can trust responsible, certified coaches and teachers with the livfes and best interest of our student athletes, should we really expect to trust businesses with air and water quality as well as working conditions for the lowest paid employees?

No one would argue that all the regulations currently on the books make sense and encourage efficiency.  Many of us are very, very concerned, though, that the current rhetoric of ridding regulation and trusting the market will end up impoverishing most, or all, of us.

On a recent flight, I noticed that airlines still explain the prohibition on smoking as “due to federal regulation.”

Anybody think we should do away with that regulation?

The truth is we all benefit from regulation beyond ourselves.  I am a better person because of all the friends and loved ones (and coworkers) that hold me accountable everyday.  So are you.

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