Know Yourself

I feel more aware of my awareness these past couple of years than I remember having when I was younger.  I am learning more about who I am, who I was, and who I will be.

And, as much change as there may have been, in some sense I am very much the same person I have always been.  Most everything I know about who I am now is (or seems to be) a reasonable development from who I used to be.

Yesterday I was in a group discussing our model of care for at-risk adolescents.  We are in teh process of adopting the TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) model developed by TCU‘s Institute of Child Development.  We talked about how it is going and what has worked best so far, as well as what hasn’t.

In the midst of this discussion, we remembered that this kind of care of children or youth requires the adult to be aware of his or her own ‘stuff” as well.  We cannot have the kind of relationships with young people that bring healing if we are not in the process of healing ourselves.

Someone mentioned the benefits of getting to know yourself through others.  Learning about who you are from what other people know of you can be threatening, though, so I made a note to myself to ponder this more.

I have had people tell me things they thought they knew about me before.  Sometimes have accepted what they said as dead on – exactly the way I understood myself.  Other times I have been skeptical. These times the insight someone offers to me about my own identity may be only slightly different from my self-perception.  In time, I have sometimes learned from these.

Then there are the times that someone has shared something that I felt was just dead wrong.  Sometimes it was.

Sometimes it wasn’t.

Always it has done me good to consider that, even if they aren’t right, perhaps I should learn something from the way they perceive me.

Do you know you?  Do you trust others to help you know you better?

2 thoughts on “Know Yourself

  1. thanks, steve, for giving voice to some thots and emotions i , too, have been having the last couple of years. my hope is to somehow pass this on to my three kids – kt-20, mitch-18 and allie-17. and if i get lucky enough, to others with whom i get to live life! as we say in NC, god bless your bones!

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