Do we like change or not?

I’m in required training today.  At MCH we have to re-certify in CPR every year.  Or, at least we used to have to recertify in CPR every year.  This has changed recently to once every two years.

Every five years the American Red Cross updates their training and requirements. Our instructor isn’t sure she likes the changes.

Every time Facebook updates or makes changes, someone cries foul.  Facebook’s changes even make news.

The other morning as I was out on my run I realized I get bored with running the same route day after day.  I’ve been rethinking my playlist for running, too.

Sometimes we say we like change that is within our control.  I think it is beyond that.  Sometimes we need, and like, change because it brings freshness or new perspective.  Sometimes we dislike change because it upsets the stauts quo into which we find we ahve fallen comfortable.

Chip and Dan Heath point out in Switch that if we just didn’t like change at all no one would ever have kids.

Do you like change?

One thought on “Do we like change or not?

  1. Do I like change? I have adopted a if you can’t beat em join em when it comes to change. Change takes place whether you control the situation of change or not. Either join in or move aside. Sometimes the movement of change isn’t kind.

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