Medical Adventure


We make our first visit to Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas today. Our darling Eliza has been diagnosed with developmental dysplasia of the hip.

It feels like it has been a long journey already, though we only received the diagnosis in September and have yet to know what the process is going to entail. We have been told it will involve surgery and long recuperation first in a cast and then in a brace.  Our next couple of months have Ben up in the air since September. We expect today at least to get some idea of what our Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas seasons will look like.

Several people encouraged us from the start to visit Scottish Rite Hospital. Even before we began receiving the cold shoulder from Scott and White, friends told us to go to Dallas. Scott and White, you see, was too busy to answer our questions. (I’m sorry, but if you want to cut on my 18 month old, I would like some questions answered first…)

Scottish Rite has been, in contrast, incredibly responsive and helpful. They’ve answered every questions we have asked so far.

One thought on “Medical Adventure

  1. Gammie asked our group to be praying for a positive outcome for darling E. Will b anxious 2 hear. Will be praying with persistence.

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