Believe in It or Not.

Whether it not you believe in Halloween, it was yesterday.

I saw it myself.

Of course, the more astute of you might correct my choice of words by suggesting “observe” where I have “believe.” This may work in the case I opened with, but what about this one: “I don’t believe in evolution.”

So commented a young man I work with.  I quickly assured him that evolution is not the kind of thing that one “believes in” or not any more than electricity or gravity.

This is a difficult point to make these days when political candidates claim not to believe in such things as evolution or global warming.  I would assert that neither of these things qualifies as an epistemological equivalent of relgion or “faith.”

For those worried that not arguing against evolution someho leaves one unable to believe in a creator (God), I suggest the writings of Kennth R. Miller.


3 thoughts on “Believe in It or Not.

  1. Steve,
    Thank you so much for your blog. I do appreciate it, and I actually have it on my normal regular reading list. I enjoy reading about so many common things in life that require deeper contemplation (whether we realise it or not).
    Monday was Halloween, or All Hallow’s Eve, as it is the Eve of a Holy Day known as All Saints Day. So in that regard is holds a double meaning for some of us in the culture.
    We did something different as a church, in that when we handed out candy or treats in our neighbourhoods, we simply asked God to Bless those who took the treats. We literally asked God to bless over one thousand children in our community, many of whom probably have no contact with God. We also used it as a way to ask for prayers and told people as a church we are willing to pray for them.

    Now on to the idea of evolution. Evolution is currently a term which has many meanings in America today. There is macro evolution (in the sense of speciation, or new species arising from existing ones, micro evolution or the changing of features within a species, and then there is the Theory of Evolution as commonly taught in US Public school settings.
    Believing in the first two, is perhaps what you mean, and I would agree that those aren’t things that you either believe in or not, they just are or are not.
    That later, the Theory of Evolution, is something in which one can believe or not believe. It is of course a theory that is antithetical to Christianity, and is anti Christian in its’ presuppositions as well as in it’s mechanisms. One cannot be a Christian and believe in The Theory of Evolution as commonly taught.
    I am going to make some suppositions about your words, and please correct me if I am wrong. I am NOT in any way attempting to misrepresent you or your views. I think you are saying that a Christian can believe that God created the world, and the mechanism of creating species that God used (and is still using) is macro and micro evolution. There is such a thing as speciation and God is the One who is behind it. He is the Creator of all that exists, and as such He can chose whatever mechanisms He deems by which He accomplishes His creative acts.
    This is of course a view that lies far outside of The Theory of Evolution. The Theory of Evolution teaches that there is no outside mechanism, power, or God. Evolution, life, and creations, happens as a impersonal cosmic dance of chemistry and physics that have given rise accidentally, to life. Life is not the end of a means thought up by a personal entity, but rather just something that chemistry and physics essentially demands as an outcome when the formula is right.
    There is no room for God in The Theory of Evolution. The Theory of Evolution is necessarily a-theistic. And I don’t mean that in a sense that those who believe it are antagonistic or hostile to God, but rather that is simply exists without room for God. That is something I simply do not believe in.

    (Now to be even more unfair. I will be at a conference for the next 3 days, with little to no internet access…. soooo I will return, but won’t be around after I have thrown somewhat of a bomb as a response.)

    For those who don’t know me, or my relationship with Steve, please know I mean no disrespect to Steve, love him dearly, and am posting this as an exchange of ideas. I do NOT mean any personal attack on Steve or anyone. Even saying that might be overkill, but I do not want to offend or be misinterpreted and I attempt to give others that same grace in pithy online comments.

  2. Ryan, i appreciate your response and value our friendship.

    If a Theory of Evolution is being taught in such as way as to require a dis-belief in God, then I certainly agree with you. I don’t know any scientists personally who who agree to that, and yes, I do know several scientists personally.

  3. Well, you don’t have to show off about knowing scientists.
    As taught, there is no room in the Theory of Evolution. It is merely a mechanistic, materialistic explanation of the world and all that is it it. This is in stark contrast to the idea of God as Creator.

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