Can you afford to be grateful?

This past summer at Glen Lake Camp,  I decided to practice serving.  During lunch time, as soon as I would finish eating (and I don’t take long), I would get up and start refilling people’s drinks for them.  Summer was so hot here in texas that the only drink served at lunch was water, so this wasw easy.

As i worked the tables, I would of course, strike up conversations here and there, just to be friendly.  At one table I suggested that tips would not be necessary.  One response I got was, “I don’t tip.  I don’t have enough money to tip.”

Stopped me in my tracks. “Then you don’t have enough money to eat at a restaurant where tipping is apporopriate,” I suggested.  I went on, relatively politely, to explain that tehre is alower minimum wage for such establishments, and that, as such, servers really depend on tips.

On the other end of the gratitude spectrum, one of our residents at was commended recently when, on an outing, “he only had one dollar left, and he left it as a tip” at the restaurant.

Consider with me today whether or not you can afford to show gratitude.

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