Baby Me

The other day I was home from work first so I called Rachel to ask what she thought E might eat for dinner. I had made spinach enchiladas for us. She suggested a couple of things including a bagel thin.

As I picked up the package is bagels I noticed there were more gone than I expected. My next thought shocked me. “Hey, I haven’t even had any of these yet!”

I went on, in good pre-adolescent form, to throw a brief pity party for myself and then quickly began to move on to vilifying whoever had been eating MY bagels.

Almost as quickly as the infantile fit began, I realized that I could, at any time, go buy more bagels.

For the next several minutes I enjoyed the self-amusement of realizing I am still not all grown up. So much for maturity.

I cannot imagine I am the only person well past 30 who still has such immature thoughts and feelings.  I am hoping, though, that recognizing them as such and setting them aside as quickly as possible is a sign that maturity is, perhaps, just around the corner.

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